Provide a secured and stimulating environment with best care for infants, preschool and school age children – both physically and mentally, cultivate their abilities and talents through our exceptional learning programs and value education, so that a strong foundation is set for their bright future.


Frame our early childhood learning program with “best in breed curriculum” - at par with International Stands” and “professionally talented” team, to ensure an overall development and growth of the child.



We are committed to build a child focused preschool where every child is given high attention by maintaining an adequate teacher to child ratio. All our teaching and supporting staffs are highly experienced and proficient in their role. We place the interests of the children first in everything we do.


Smartness is a combination of Knowledge and Personality. We believe in today’s world, either of these traits in isolation is not sufficient. We strive for an overall development of the child so that he/she develops “Smartness” right from now.


We believe in an open and transparent atmosphere where we encourage not only an open communication between teacher and child, but also provide freedom to the parents to walk inside the school and practically see our young champions in action.

Overall Child Development

We are committed for all aspects of children’s growth and development including physical development, analytical, problem-solving skills, empathy and respect, independence, language, social development, self-esteem and confidence.


We want to partner with the parents in their child development. We believe that both school and parents has their own roles to play in developing the child, which are non-complementary.


We invest in our staff to provide the highest quality environment through extensive and on-going training and professional development.

Safety and Security

We give very high importance to the child safety and security. Our complete unit is always under CCTV surveillance and equipped with essential safety equipments; every child is continuously monitored. Rest assured your child is completely safe while he/she with us.


We give high importance to personal & environmental hygiene.